Wednesday, 2 March 2016


How to Write SEO  Friendly  Movie Reviews ?

Writing a Movie review is not hard work or great job, but writing seo friendly movie reviews is great job . Because when you post is coming in search result then read can read your post otherwise no one read your post . If you will not get any traffic from search engine then there is nonsense of that post . We have to write seo friendly reviews.

SEO  Friendly  Movie Reviews

How to write SEO Friendly reviews. SEO friendly means your post come in search engine result on your keyword. When your post come in search engine ,when you put your keyword in proper place .

What is proper place and where we have to put our keyword?

you can put your keyword 

1 URL for-example  (moviename-movie-reviews)
2 In Post title for example ( Moviename Movie reviews)
3 In sub heading you can put your keyword in (H2 & H3) tags which most importance 
4 In content or description you can put your keyword 2% to 3% one more thing your description minimum 400 word then it will give very good result 
5 When your adding photos then you have to use alt tags 
this way we can write seo friendly reviews .

If your very new site then we can add film industry means like Telugu Movie Reviews in title and in description also. because your new site so if you traget for long tail keyword you will good result for example XYZ Telugu Movie Review . Till people are search like this . you will get less traffic but i am sure that you will get traffic 

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