Friday, 25 March 2016

Oopiri Movie Review VS Thozha Movie Review

Oopiri Movie Review VS Thozha Movie Review

Oopiri movie and Thozha Movie both are same story But oopiri movie is in telugu and Thozha  Movie in Tamil that sit rest of all are same . The actor and actress all are same.

Oopiri  Review

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Thozha makes you travel back in time for twenty years. Not that the movie is particularly nostalgic or that it evokes the finest of emotions – it is the script that would have been a hit in the early eighties. Director Sundareswaran subjects you to a melodramatic version of struggling-youngsters-making-it-big combined with a friend’s-sacrifice story. He also stages the hate-me-since-I-will-die-in-a-few-days sacrificial love story intertwined in a plot already ridden with too many clichés.

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